Welcome to Brady National Bank's Autobooks Landing Page

Are you a small business owner that offers goods and services looking to accept payments?
Are you a non-profit organization manager looking to accept donations?
Autobooks is a tool built into Brady National Bank's online banking that will allow you accept payments or donations via credit card, debit card or ACH. Funds sent your way go directly into your BNB account. (Also, the transaction fees are competitive compared to other payment processors - 2.89% for card payments and 1% for ACH.)
You have the option to send an invoice to your customer or you can even use your Brady National Bank app to fill a payment form and accept a payment.
 The next component of Autobooks is the ability to track payments and invoices you have received or sent.
There are even some additional accounting features available that may serve you well near tax time. 
The following are some informational videos introducing Autobooks and some short tutorials on how to use the basic features.

Autobooks Use Introduction:


Autobooks Basics Tutorials:

If you are interested you can log into your online banking and sign up today!
Enrollment takes only a few minutes and there is no monthly fee for the basic service.
Note: Autobooks is a partner that operates on Brady National Bank's behalf, as part of the onboarding process Autobooks support may reach out to you via email or phone. is their email domain.
You can even reach out to the Autobooks expert team and answer any questions you may have: or 866.617.3122.